Hi Dr. Sadeghi, Thank you for the phone appointment together on Friday night. It was a pleasure to meet you! Your medicine is beautiful. I did not take the opportunity to share this with you when I spoke; I was committed to listening. Listening – truly listening – is something I am practicing. My naive “hope” for the call was that you were going to tell me one of my hormone levels was low and that with some supplementation we could take care of it. Simple. That’s what my ego wanted. A simple solution. I think this assumption came from knowing you just did some blood work that would give an “answer”. As soon as you began speaking I realized — how silly, remember: he’s a healer! I have taken a break from most of my healers over the past few years since I have healed — I think I wanted to lighten up a bit and with nothing seemingly “wrong” and being really happy, I just needed a break from former challenges which have been healed. After hearing you for just a moment, I froze, felt defensive, and thought in my head “Shit. Here we go! There’s a real healing connection here. I know he has come into my life now to do big work together. My work with Dr. Sadeghi is going to be so big and real and deep.” In that moment I knew this was going to be so much more than learning what was happening with my progesterone. It caught me off-guard and startled me. I know we are going to help each other, and you are going to bring forth more of my inner light and move me past some of my own inner dark places, some of which I don’t even know of in my conscious mind. As soon as I witnessed myself putting your hand-written note on my meditation altar at home a few weeks ago I knew this was going to be something of great meaning to me. Thank you for pushing my buttons on the call. You may not even know you did — you did 🙂 . The first thing that threw me was within 1 minute addressing cancer. My mind went straight to the worst “Do I have cancer?” And then, when you said my “Pregnancy Index” was that my body has a propensity to reject pregnancy, I immediately correlated this to my body having a propensity to get cancer. This rocked me and threw me right off, as I’ve never once thought of ever getting cancer. It took me until about half way through our call to get back on track! In that moment, took a breath, and couldn’t believe these crazy conclusions my ego mind was making! It was nuts! Thank you for exposing me to this inner mind mechanic behind the wheel sometimes. I can hear your voice within me, “Let Go” and it pulsates. It brought me to tears on our call and afterwards. Oh, and right now too. Thank you for calling me out on “hating my Medical Doctor” and reminding me what I already know — that that’s the way the world is creating for her. You are so right. It’s just like my yoga teacher says “you’re not ‘better’ because you are spiritual, you are doing different work. You are not better than someone because you are seeking the light.” What you said that landed loudest upon me was: You don’t become pregnant, you be pregnant. It took two miscarriages for me to really really want to be pregnant and have a baby and transform my life as I knew it. For years I knew it was something I would “eventually” do with someone, then when I met Hutch four years ago, we would do it together, but for a long time was totally undesirable in those moments, and my head was filled with self-serving, fear-based thoughts. These miscarriages have brought me two beautiful lessons (I tear up just thinking about what they have brought to me): I re-found God. I forgot about him. I forgot about my higher power. I thought it was all up to me. I now know I desperately want to start a family now with Hutch and am so ready for all that pregnancy/birth/motherhood has in store for me, and how it will transform me, or in your words “going to rock your world” I so look forward to working together to making my body more agreeable to pregnancy, and “rejecting” less. Hutch, who is the sweetest soul and most amazing human being on the earth as you likely have figured out, keeps reminding me not to reject, and to fill up my cup. I am grateful for his humour – the context has been often quite funny when he has reminded me of this. Thank you for reminding me that it’s ok, and beautiful, to be meek and slow and to let go. I have been working on this for quite some time now — slowing down, resting more, pushing less. I’m a recovering perfectionist. I have written your words “let go” “slow down” “be meek” in my home meditation altar and on my mirror in our bathroom, and set as my iphone home screen. I needed to hear this in my first trimester. I look forward to reading your article on your wife’s birth. I did not receive the e-newsletter (I have since signed up), and will watch for it on your site. I enjoyed your October words on “language” and it’s effect on the mind. It reinforced how important it is for me to celebrate this pregnancy and be positive, not fearful because I have had two miscarriages, rather excited about the new life I am growing inside! Fear creeps in as these two miscarriages have shook me to the ground, but I feel differently this time: like this is it. Thank you for sharing in this belief with me and with Hutch. I will begin to take your tincture/herbs immediately. The ladies at Be Hive are Fed-Exing them to me. They are so generous and kind. I wish you well, and I look forward to the journey together. I am so pleased we have met. Hutch and I have your family in our prayers during this time. I expect no return of this email. I know how much you are already taking care of. May you be peaceful and at ease. Always LOVE, and PEACE,