I walked into Habib Sadeghi’s small Venice, California office 9 years ago, broken and unhealthy. I explained to him "I was the fattest fit person I know." He looked at me, felt my throat chakra and simply said "you have a thyroid problem."

You see, my blood tests never revealed my borderline thyroid problem which had gone undiagnosed by my previous doctors; I walked around with an extra 40 pounds for many years because of my untreated hypothyroidism. Within 6 weeks from my first visit with Habib, I had shed the extra weight and felt balanced for the first time in my adult life. He was compassionate. He listened. As a physician, Habib has unmatched diagnostic skills; he astutely understands that real health manifests only through the mind/body/brain connection. Your healing becomes his joy. He is fearless about his visionary treatments which is his true magic. I have lovingly watched his practice grow into a large group of devotees at his beautiful space in Calabasas, yet he manages to remember my birthday every year. His staff is knowledgeable about his gifts and his regimens. He is a visionaire, a spiritual leader and a born healer. One can not put a price nor a value for this kind of care.

Thank you Habib for changing me, my family and my life.