I spent the better (worse?) part of 2007 physically deteriorating. I saw various doctors, healers, and alternative practitioners who proffered incongruous theories and expensive prescriptions that only drained the threadbare strands of energy to which I was clinging (as well as my checking account), and exacerbated my frustration. Nothing helped, and by September, my health had gotten so bad that I remember spending an entire day lying on the couch, dehydrated, staring at a glass of water, wishing I had the strength to lift it to my lips. Finally (thankfully), my mother stepped in: “You’re going to a real doctor.”

While there was a two-month waiting list to see Dr. Sadeghi, he took my phone call and arranged to slip me in within the week. Before he hung up the phone he said: “You’re going to be fine.” This was to be the mantra that kept me going throughout my treatment, as well as one of Dr. Sadeghi’s many strengths – his unwaivering positivity. With his magical healer’s fingers trading information with my pulse, he quickly honed in on the issues. And, he was right.

The lab tests (always) confirmed what Dr. Sadeghi’s fingers had gleaned. With the necessary information in (magical, mystical, heroically healing) hand – he strategized my recovery. I am finally out of the proverbial weeds, and Dr. Sadeghi is now helping me to rebuild my strength and my life force with a cocktail of alternative treatments.

Dr. Sadeghi is in my prayers every day. I was stuck between worlds for an extended and terrifying moment with nothing to hold onto. Dr. Sadeghi stepped in, held out his hand and brought me back to life and to a bigger, better, brighter me who is infinitely grateful to have found my way to such an amazing and gifted healer.