I live on the East Coast & do have a Primary Care Internist in my town; however, I use Dr. S at Behive of Healing as my 1st choice doctor. He mixes Western & Eastern medicine philosophies & the result for me has been extraordinary. His supplements & herbal remedies are super too! A perfect example is his scar cream. A friend of mine had MOHS surgery on her chest in Dec 2012. I had the same surgery in the exact same location on my chest 2 months later (Feb 2013). Today, her scar looks like it’s about a month old – still red, raised, & the marks from the stitches are still visible. My scar, however, looks like it’s a year old – slightly pink, flat, & barely visible. The staff are knowledgeable, courteous, friendly & very helpful. Give Be Hive of Healing a try!