I always return to Dr Sadeghi. Over the last few decades, from painful back and neck issues, cholesterol lowering, and detoxing high mercury levels, to name a few, Dr Sadeghi has listened and streamlined powerful protocols for me, sharing with me the why’s and how’s of my issues, so I could become an active, knowledgable participant in my own healing.

In his listening and teaching, I came to understand the breadth of his knowledge and compassion, allowing me to open to him and talk with him about anything, even profound, personal spiritual experiences, and to trust his sought guidance. No matter the distance or the cost, I have followed Dr S. from his Venice offices, to his West L.A. offices, and now to his serene Agoura Hills offices, always feeling at home with his loyal and supportive staff. As I share the thought that in large part, Love is an active verb, which Dr S embodies, in his focus and attention to each of his patients, I will continue to recommend him to those with serious, complex problems, and to those simply seeking greater health. I will always return to Dr. Sadeghi – priceless.