I wanted to take a moment to share with you how eternally grateful my family and I are to you for what you have done in our lives. I feel that God is using you to give my family hope and to keep our faith alive. I came to you because I had 2 hip surgeries, 1 abdominal surgery and one broken shoulder, all in a 1½ year time frame. These conditions contributed to depression and a host of other physical, emotional and spiritual problems for me. On my initial visit, you were able to pin point the specific cause of my problems. You also provided me with a set of supplements that has started to correct these problems. To put it bluntly, you have added 12 years onto my life in just a few months. Although, I am just starting to work with you, I have already seen tremendous results. The depression has ceased, I’m no longer anemic and the migraines that I had all my life have started to subside. I was such a mess when I came to you that I expect to write another testimony when you are done with me, because I feel the final results will be even better than what I have experienced thus far.

I’ll never forget the day I was sitting in your office. You were going through my blood work and showing me all the areas of improvement that we had accomplished. Although I had made progress in many areas, the adrenal gland was still having issues. Almost intuitively you asked me what it was that I was worried about. I told you that I was worried about my son who is a 21 year old drafted baseball player. He had been drafted to major league baseball twice and had recently had surgery to correct a broken bone in his throwing shoulder. At the time of my visit with you, our entire family was grieving because my son had a recurring injury with his shoulder the night before he was to participate in a scout showcase.

He was crying, I was crying and we felt all hope for him to play again was lost. You confidently said to me, “Why didn’t you call me? We have a cure for his shoulder and he will never have this problem again”. You mentioned that the cure was prolotherapy and a couple of other holistic methods. We had never heard of these procedures. However, we felt they were an answer to our prayers. I was so excited that I texted my son right there in your office. He was overjoyed to hear that there was a potential solution. As a family we had prayed that God would perform a recreated miracle on his shoulder and we left the request with God. We had no idea that he would do his miracle through your hands. It was as if God had made your hands HIS hands and performed this miracle through you. My son was in school on the east coast. So getting him to California was a challenge. However, you assisted us every step of the way. You came into the office on your off days, you sent loving encouragement notes to us to breathe in the loving and relax. After you performed these procedures on my son about 2-3 times, his shoulder became very tight and healthy. His orthopedic surgeon and university doctors were amazed to see how tight the labrum had become. My son finally had a chance to try the shoulder out in January when he went back to school. He was relieved to see that the shoulder performed exactly the way he wanted it to. He’s now able to throw the distance and we are believing God that he will be a starter in the lineup this year. He was also contacted by one of the MLB scouts and is now a prospect for the upcoming draft.

We have never had a doctor to show us this much love before. Your spirit has impacted our heart and has flowed into every aspect of our lives. As a family we have become closer and even my clients whom I perform EEG Neurofeedback on are feeling this love from me and are receiving miracles in their lives. i.e., A 14 year old, six foot tall, non-verbal autistic client of mine actually said his first word three weeks ago. So you see it’s like a domino effect that is rippling through our family and those whom we come in contact with. I really don’t have the words to express the deep gratitude that we have for you and your staff. All I can say is THANK YOU.