Having Dr. Sadeghi as my healthcare provider has restored my faith in doctors and given me hope for the future of medicine. After years of practically begging for treatment and attention from dozens of different practitioners, I came upon Dr. S — and it's a better medical experience than I could've dreamed of.

Where doctors I’ve seen in the past have laughed at me, not remembered anything about me (after treating me for over a decade), rushed me out of their office, neglected follow ups, written me off, and in general made me feel like no one had my back or was looking out for me, Dr. Sadeghi has done the diametric opposite. I don’t even have to ask; he treats patients like family, and has their best interest in mind — mind, body, and soul. The compassion in his practice and office is palpable. You feel seen, heard, cared for, and like someone has your back.

Dealing with any illness or ailment is difficult enough as is, and worrying that a doctor might not be taking proper care of you only adds to that stress. With Dr. S, my mind is at ease — and thanks to his incredible, intuitive treatment, my body is at ease as well.

Through The Clarity Cleanse and Dr. Sadeghi’s treatment plan for me, I’ve found a physical and mental peace that I’ve been struggling to find for years. I’m rid of chronic illness, unburdened of my mental health maladies, and the happiest I’ve been in years. I cannot recommend him (or his beautiful practice and staff) highly enough.