I originally met with Dr S regarding a diagnosis with one of my children. My wife and I were desperate, confused, and reaching for answers. We met many doctors and didn't feel they had the right goals in mind which was to focus on our child and see what the root cause of the issue was. Dr. S reeled in our emotions and our mindset. Today we are all the better for it including our child.

We had some tears and very difficult conversations along the way. He has been in my mind a guide for our family along with watching over our physical as well as mental health. The issues he has helped with range from thyroid and auto immune problems to preventative medicine and spotting areas of concern before they become issues. We live thousands of miles away but still make the effort to visit “our doctor” because of the care we have received over the years and the sincerity he has shown with us. We consider Dr S a part of our family because of the way we have opened up to him and how he received our good and bad emotions that came forth without judgement. The only wish I have is that he were on the East Coast but after visiting his new center I understand.