Gigi C.

Reflecting back on my life, I can confidently say Dr. Sadeghi helped turn my life around for the better. Much better. Without getting too deep into my story, he was there when I physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally needed help and support to fight a difficult addiction. His knowledge, professionalism and compassion made all the difference in impacting my transition in a positive way. He went that extra mile in sharing with me his circle of friends that has shined a brighter light into my future and aspirations. I am so grateful for this man. Everything about him shouts love, care, heal thyself and share the wisdom with the world. The thing I love most about his practice is that, he is all about holistic healing, however if and when it is necessary, he will proceed with a more western method ~ Integrative medicine. 🙂 With the help and support of him and his sweet lady friend (whom he prescribed to me…haha our inside joke), I am now working in the healthcare field and doing all I can when I can, to share the abundance of natural healing remedies our earth has to offer. The healthcare field needs to have more people that has true passion and compassion for healing. I highly recommend Be Hive of Healing