Thank you so much Dr. S for taking the time to reply to me. When you asked me how I was doing Saturday while I felt I am doing good I failed to mention I have been shaken to my core over the last three years especially in the last 6 months. I have turned my attention fully on God and i am deeply willing to listen, grow and awaken. I am ready to completely be transformed for the highest good and am praying daily for the deepest most profound healing on ALL levels of my being. I deeply want to heal. I finally really “get” what you taught me years ago. “it’s not the issue but how u relate to it. I now deeply get that I can not change I have a heart condition but I can change how I relate to it. Instead of holding shame and anger around it I’m moving into holding love and gratitude around it. I now think, ” what if my heart can be my best asset and I am learning to live every moment from there. This and many other new thoughts and healing intentions I have been working with. Ones i wasn’t ready to work on before. Some days have been harder than others during this recovery and I choose to keep healing. I felt moved to share this with you. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom you have and continue to share with me. I am moving deeper into gratitude and giving my husband even more loving reassurance and letting him know more how grateful for him I am. Thank u for helping me see that was needed. I have watched ur TED talk many times while I’ve been healing. I loved it! Lots of love and gratitude,