I remember the day four years ago when I met Dr. Sadeghi for the first time.

Fresh out of 18-months of medical treatment for breast cancer, including chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, and 28 doses of radiation, I had every piece of medical history imaginable. In fact, I brought it all with me into the Be Hive. Spreadsheets, lab reports, tumor analysis, specifics on every drug therapy used, paperwork from every specialist, oncologist, surgeon and radiologist appointment, as well as detailed documentation on all of the holistic approaches I had used to support my body through the process. I was nothing if not prepared.

A Careful Balance

As I sat in the waiting room, I grabbed my computer so I could use the time to work. I was accustomed to waiting, sometimes for hours, in doctor’s offices, so I had my briefcase jammed full of client files, a notepad, extra pens, water, and food in case I got hungry. It was a lot to juggle, but I was up to the task.

I distinctly remember when his door opened and all of a sudden Dr. Sadeghi, beaming at me with a radiant smile, introduced himself and ushered me in. As I hobbled toward him, dragging three or four bags with one arm and carefully balancing my laptop, briefcase and water with the other, I saw he had extended his hand to welcome me and offer help. I laughed off my awkwardness as I offered two fingertips to shake and seated myself. The air smelled like a beautiful combination of lavender and herbs. I reached down into one of my bags right away to take out my medical records and that’s when it happened. That’s the moment my life completely changed.

The Transformation Begins

In the masterful way that only he can, Dr. Sadeghi wasted no time in bringing clarity to the situation—the real situation. All those bags were a blinding glimpse of what I was doing in my emotional life and had been for 43 years. I was carrying a mountain of baggage, hauling it everywhere I went and letting it weigh me down until it had nearly crushed me. I’d been doing it for so long in every aspect of my life that I didn’t even notice how it was holding me back from receiving support and love. The way I had handled a simple handshake during a first-time meeting was the way I was showing up in all of my most important relationships.

He held nothing back as he worked with me that day, and it was the single most transformational encounter of my life.

Defying Odds

I had no family history of cancer, no cancer gene, exercised daily, and ate organic, healthy food, but cancer had happened anyway. My case defied the odds and the best Western medical doctors in the country didn’t have a clue how it could have happened. I was scared, confused, and desperately trying to make sense of it all.

Dr. Sadgehi’s approach would soon reveal the first sign of what no other medical practitioner had been able to see:  a demonstration that the physical body and the emotional body are in no way separate, but rather function as one connected, integrated system.

A Revelation

Shortly after our first meeting, Dr. Sadeghi ordered extensive bloodwork. I had never seen a more detailed report in all 18 months of lab tests! What was interesting is that my blood showed very high amounts of Ferritin, a protein present in elevated quantities only when the body is holding tightly onto iron, storing it in the tissues rather than metabolizing as it should through the blood. Why would a body do that? I had plenty of iron in my body, but it wasn’t being used to create healthy, iron-rich blood. Dr. Sadeghi helped me to see what was being spelled out right in the data—proof that my emotional life was being played out physically as well. In an effort to protect myself emotionally in work and in life, I was armoring up on the inside and isolating myself from love, connection, intimacy, and vulnerability in the process. I was storing iron in my tissues like my own personal body armor, and this way of being was hurting my health.

Through research, data and examples from my own body, Dr. Sadgehi helped me see that my inability to process toxic thoughts and feelings from my marriage, with my family and from traumatic experiences in childhood, caused steady states of dis-ease, which, when practiced vehemently and consistently enough eventually result in disease in the body. I was living proof!

A Family that Heals Together

When I met Dr. Sadeghi, I was toxic with emotional waste, hurts, grudges, judgements, disappointments, unspoken words, bad feelings, and old wounds. Through our work together my life has transformed, opened and blossomed into something more full of more love, acceptance, forgiveness and beauty than I ever imagined was possible. A patient since 2014, I’m now proud to call Dr. Sadeghi my friend and each of you my family. I have experienced a customized combination of so many healing blessings from the Be Hive in the form of Meta-Healing and Epi-Healing services. It is such a gift to receive these treatments that I wanted the same for my precious daughters as they develop into adulthood. This year, 17-year-old Caitlynn and 12-year-old Jacquelyn began receiving care at the Be Hive of Healing. Providing them with access to a truly whole approach to wellness is something I am grateful for every day of my life.

Thank you for all you do to create the Be Hive of Healing Center. To me, what you’re a part of is a modern-day healing miracle.