Dr. Sadeghi has a passion for etymology, for the history and origin of words. In the course of treating you, he may clue you in on the root meaning of some basic words and you will begin to understand his point – which is that beliefs, illnesses and well-being have root causes.

The etymological origin of the word heal is Old English from the root word haeling and means restoration of wholeness. In your work with Sadeghi, you will come to see that your wholeness, which is made up of countlesselements, is your most natural state. And that restoring wholeness is the most powerful expression of your own personal wisdom, purpose, and growth.

It is from science (from Latin Scientia meaning knowledge, a knowing; expertness) that Sadeghi always begins. And he will go on to know your history – your story, both medical and narrative. And as a matter of course, he will encourage and teach toxin-free living, nutrient-rich eating, self-understanding, self-compassion, self-nurturing. But the knowing and the expertise he is really trying to ignite are those of the human body itself – what Sadeghi does, first and foremost, is to encourage the body to do what it knows inherently how to do –to regenerate, to grow, to move towards well-being, toward wholeness. The high-functioning liver can siphon out toxins, the whirring thyroid can regulate hormones, the well-rested body has energy stores to fight infection and handle stress, the healthy gut lining protects us and pulls nutrients from our food to our bodies.

When he diagnoses, when he treats, Sadeghi gently urges his patients towards getting at a root cause, root meaning, towards, even, if we are open to it, a greater metaphysical veracity that may connect the mind and the physical body. In other words, if you are looking for a pill to make your headache go away, he is not your man. But if you are looking, through evaluation and evolution of your life and well-being, to identify the source of your recurring pain, of dis-ease, to listen to what it is trying to tell you about the bigger picture, and to retune your system therefrom, you have found your partner. If you are looking for more than momentary relief, you have found your collaborator.

I have a dentist, a gynecologist, a dermatologist, an endocrinologist, some of whom Sadeghi has referred me to, some of whom I see on my own. But here is the thing: time and time again, it is Dr. Sadeghi who will help guide you and the sespecialists towards discoveries, time and time again, it is Dr. Sadeghi who will willingly and open-mindedly collaborate on treatments, time and time again, it is Dr. Sadeghi who will catch hints problems leagues before specialists, and it is always, day or night, Dr. Sadeghi who will help you and your family navigate and balance the opinions from the universe of specialists and the myriad questions and curiosities you may have into a cohesive whole, into a way and a field of healing, of optimism, of love. Of wholeness. In this day and age, his devotion, his consistency, his insights are a rarity, a treasure, a blessing.