I had the honor of meeting Dr. Sadeghi in 2014 due to a medical condition my daughter was dealing with. Little did I know at that time that it would be a life changing experience that would change my families' entire existence.

After examining my daughter, Dr Sadeghi asked her to step out of his office so he could have a private conversation with me. What came then was truly mind blowing……

Without asking me any personal questions he laid out my entire life in front of me. He basically read me like an open book and explained me that my daughter’s symptoms were a mere reflection of mine, and therefore our families dynamic.

At that same first visit, he made me realize that I was reliving my parents “unhappy” marriage and that I was feeding my children the same guilt that my mother fed me throughout my childhood.
I was in absolute disbelieve about how intuitive Dr Sadeghi was and mesmerized by his ability to know things about me and my family without ever having met us before.

The road I choose to walk with him after that initial visit was a path to true authentic love, forgiveness, gentility, honesty, acceptance, and clarity.

Before I met Dr Sadeghi, I wasn’t even aware about the knots I was carrying with me all my life and with Dr Sadeghi’s help and love, I was able to untangle the traumas, misconceptions, rejections, and mistakes I had buried deep down my soul.

Once we started the journey of healing, I immediately lost the 40 pounds I was overweight, I was able to wear my wedding ring again which was giving me intense allergic skin reactions before, and my marriage and relationship to my children and parents started to blossom.

His love, care, and knowledge is beyond comprehension and has brought true enlightenment to my families life.

I feel honored and extremely grateful to be part of the BeHive family and also the Love Button community.

Being in Dr Sadeghis and Dr Sami’s care is more that I ever could have wished for!!!!