In 2009 I woke up one morning a couple days after a sexual encounter with an unusual rash in my private area and I immediately rushed to see our family’s renowned dermatologist. After a swab test I was diagnosed with herpes. I was a sexually active(usually safe) bachelor and this news was as devastating as anything I could imagine. My whole reality and existence had been rocked. Upon getting the lab results I was frantic and the dermatologist with a stoic face answered my questions, the most important one being can this be cured? He told me there is no cure and that I would periodically get outbreaks for the rest of my life. He said there is a medication you can take to lessen the frequency and severity of outbreaks. He also confirmed that I needed to disclose to potential sexual partners that I was infected because the virus could be passed on even when there were no symptoms. Upon receiving that answer, I thought to myself…what girl would want to sleep with me if I had to have a herpes conversation in the heat of the moment. I felt my single's life, which is so much a part of who I am was over. I also thought it would be difficult to find a good wife when I was ready to settle down and have kids. The thought of having that challenge caused anxiety and depression. When I got home, holding onto hope I researched on the internet to see if there was a cure that my dermatologist didn’t know. To my dismay, after hours of searching, I could not find one testimonial or real practitioner claiming to be able to cure it. Even before I got it I knew through hearsay that it could not be cured. All my friends knew that too. We were so afraid of getting it, that we commonly joked about it, I think as a way to deal with our fear of catching it. At the time of diagnosis, I was a relatively new patient to Dr. Sadeghi. My mother and my sister after months of begging finally got me to go see him. They described him as an amazing doctor with a spiritual side. I wasn’t very spiritual, but the amazing doctor part was enough to get me to see him, at that time for general health well being. I believe I had just finished my initial vitamin C Ivs and while I really liked Dr. Sadeghi I hadn’t yet been profoundly moved by him like my mother and sister. When I got the rash, I just assumed you show skin conditions to dermatologists, so that’s where I went. When the doctor told me it cannot be cured, I believed it could not be cured because my belief at that time of my life was… whatever doctors tell you is true. After agonizing over my condition physically and mentally the idea finally came to me to see Dr. Sadeghi. I walked into his office and I looked him in his eyes, almost embarrassingly and said doc I caught Herpes. He asked how long ago and I told him and he said “you should have come to me sooner,” in a confident and loving way. I will never forget those words, because right there at that moment, I just knew he could help me. Everything was going to be OK I was ecstatic and relieved. He calmly sat me down and explained his perspective on the condition and how he has helped many people beat it using an ultraviolet light based therapy. This was amongst the best news I have ever received in my life. After our talk, he said we need to start treating you right away and escorted me into one of his healing rooms and the nurses began the therapy. 5 weeks later the blood result showed no signs of herpes antibodies. It was like I had awaken from a bad dream only this time the dream was real and so was the outcome. I have shared this story with a handful of conventional MD friends and MDs I have visited and none of them believe me. Most of them say, you never had it in the first place. When they say that, I giggle inside because I know with 100 percent certainty that I did have it based on what I saw and felt on my body, the swab test result by my dermatologist and the blood test result. I learned to not believe everything your conventional doctor tells you and to not give up hope. To say the least, I had now been profoundly moved.