Dr Sadeghi,

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

How is it that you always amaze me again and again???

As you know we went camping with Wildwoods 5th grade class this weekend. While chatting with some of my friends I overheard this mom, whose kids just started at Wildwood, saying: "My new doctor told me that I have to work on myself." The enthusiasm in her voice, the sparkling light in her eyes, and the love with which she said it made me instantly know that this new doctor can only be YOU!!! I went over and asked her who this new doctor was and she of course replied: "Dr. Sadeghi"!

Marissa R. and I kicked over the mutual love for you and the Be Hive and talked throughout the whole weekend. There was endless love flowing around….. I also told her about Sherry joon and I’m sure she will bring her kids over soon. But that of course was not the best part….The best part was when we got back home and we saw the big package in front of our door. Kourosh and I felt like it was Christmas 🙂

You lit up our evening in the most magical way.

Thank you for being in our lives and showing us how special and blessed we are to have our little family, and you guys as our extended family. We love you with all our hearts!!!!

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Wishing you a magical week.

Love Love & more Love,