I was a patient of Dr Sadeghi about 3 years ago now. I just realized that I needed to right a review. Especially since I trust most of my fellow yelper ratings before giving my hard earned money to any business. I visited Dr. Sadeghi for weight control, health and to increase my immunity. Both myself and Dr Sadeghi decided the healthiest choice for me was HCG weight loss supplement. Before starting any plan, Dr Sadeghi requested that I receive a complete blood work done and since I had insurance, my blood was taken by my regular doctor’s lab. It was cheaper this way. 3 months later, 25 pounds lighter (due to Dr Sadeghi’s plan and me eating clean) I was stronger, healthy and felt so Alive! I also received an ivy drip once a week for 8 weeks to boost my immunity. Boy did this work, I did not get sick with allergies, colds or the flu for nearly 3 years now. The cost of the services are a little on the expensive side but I do not regret ever being introduce to the Be Hive of Healing by a dear friend who also trusted Dr Sadeghi with our health. It’s time to revisit the Be Hive and reboost my tired over worked body. I love the ambiance of the office, the staff and the feeling I had after each visit. Thank you Dr. Sadeghi for your dedication