I will start the way I always do: simply, you saved my life. 5 years ago I had hit a deep bottom. After searching and meeting with all manner of medical professionals in search of help with my deep fatigue, brain fog depression and general malaise, I found no answers.

Like so many women, the first diagnosis was stress or depression. I tried to reason them. My life otherwise was going pretty well—A job I loved, good partner, wonderful children. Finally, I found a western doctor who diagnosed me. Though I was scared to have surgery on my hyper para thyroid, I was so relieved to have a diagnosis and hope of relief that I agreed. Hours after my surgery, I woke to the surgeon saying the following: we found nothing. There was no disease. I had been put through a surgery for no reason!

And this is the moment that I knew something huge had to change. And this is how I found you. Thank god my sister Gwyneth came into my life and in turn you came into my life. And that is when everything changed. EVERYTHING.

I remember the first meeting in the warmth of the beautiful behive of healing. The greetings from Lydia and Jennifer and the others alone made me realize this was going to be a different experience.

Sitting in your office, sobbing, you listened, really listened to my story. You listened to my health journey and then you listened to me personal story. I felt heard and understood. You had no judgement, only love and compassion.

I couldn’t believe the difference. It was as if doctor wasn’t an appropriate title. There needed to be something bigger and more all encompassing— holistic in the true sense of the word.
As I began the mentoring, I started to feel changes immediately. Even as it took some time for me to really trust and come forward with all of my truth and pain, I was reaping the benefits of the beginning of the process. You encouraged me to cry and scream and PEW-12. You told me to have great sex a lot more than I was. You taught me how to be a better partner, a better boss, a better mother. And it was difficult and painful in all the right ways. You would tell me I was safe, and swear like a sailor and challenge me all at once. Your confrontation is powerful. Especially because it comes from love. You are funny. You use fantastic (and sometimes really strange) metaphors to get your point across. I have learned, through you, to communicate in a loving and compassionate way. The simplicity of starting a difficult conversation with “I love you” has made my life infinitely better. I call you my “woo woo” doctor because there truly are no words for someone who lifted me up, again with zero judgement, and saved me.

When my original doctor who sent me to surgery calls for your protocols because he cannot believe my test results, how could you possibly explain that it’s screaming and fucking and weeping plus a mother tincture that rescued me?

Or maybe you could. You’re pretty great at all communication.

I once saw you in a social situation with your lovely wife. A waiter came over to offer you a drink while you were mid-conversation. Without stopping your train of thought, you simple grabbed two drinks and handed Dr Sammy a drink. It was a tiny gesture but meant the world to me. There’s the expression, those who can’t do, teach, I realized in that moment that you, Dr. S do both. I’m grateful for you every day. And even when I dread talking to you, because it’s so often hard work, I’m always so happy I did.

Thank you isn’t a strong enough phase for the way I feel.