For over eight years, I had been researching for a medical practitioner I could trust, who is educated in the medical field as well as practices natural and/or homeopathic ways of healing. I had witnessed my mother experience very poor medical treatment over the period of her life and thus was very apprehensive towards the medical industry as a whole. Dr. Sadeghi had come highly recommended from a friend who has the same high standards for his health as myself. Dr. Sadeghi has eased my concerns with his sincerity, knowledge and friendly professionalism. His consultations are very thorough and he has been covering many areas of my health, including an alignment consultation for my profession with stilts. Both he and his staff have made each of my visits very comforting and pleasant. I feel very blessed and am pleased to have found Dr. Sadeghi, as he assists me on the path of healing my body on a cellular level.