There was a time in my life that getting out of bed too quickly meant the need to lie on floor so not to pass out. Weight gain, no matter the hours of exercise or calorie deficit. Exhaustion, no matter the amount of sleep and depression so deep that I would hide and cry uncontrollably.

I had visited doctors, health practitioners, ate sensibly and took my daily vitamins. And yet, no improvement in the quality of my life. I truly wanted answers and needed help.

In 2008 I had my very first appointment with Dr. Sadeghi. He asked me about my body aliments and with much interest he asked me about my life. With much care, and direction from the doctor. He aided me in discovering that the weight of it all had broken my spirit, which took a toll on me physically.

Being neglected and uncared for at a very young age, caused me to feel unloved.

Toxic and codependent relationships, not loving or respecting myself and staying crazy busy so to not focus on me was my everyday life style.

Until they were not. Changing your point of view, changes your spirit. Easy words to write and say, yet at times, difficult to live by.

Fast forward 2008 – Today is my 53rd birthday. Dr. Sadeghi understands that each of us have unique life circumstances. He gently guided ME to look at how I arrived at that place of body my illness. His vitamin protocols and his loving guidance motivated me to connect the dots.

Yung Pueblo wrote: We carry our attachments and pain in our bodies. As we let them go our bodies change.

This is true for me. I’m so very grateful for Dr. Sadeghi’s attention, care, understanding and loving encouragement. It has truly been the support in changing my life. I’m healthier, happier and now have inner peace I never knew existed.