Dr. Sadeghi, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for your wisdom, professionalism and dedication to those who seek answers beyond what “modern medicine” currently offers. I credit your philosophy of integrating several medical disciplines with identifying the issues which had plagued me for so long. I know if I had continued to address my health concerns through a strictly western medical approach I know that the diagnoses would have never been made and I would have become sicker and more frustrated. Your belief in an integrative approach to practicing medicine wherein many philosophies are respected and compliment one another, offered me the opportunity to address physical as well as long standing emotional issues. Addressing the whole person is the key to true health and vitality. As your patient I feel respected and heard. I appreciate your healing treatments and your ability to help me understand why we are taking a certain approach and what to expect. I appreciate your knowledge of multiple medical disciplines and your ability to treat me holistically – mind, body and spirit.