After two years of feeling terrible, spending countless dollars and hours on doctors who merely rushed me through a cold and heartless process only to tell me I was “just depressed,” I decided to find a health center that treated the whole human being. When I called the office where Dr Sadeghi worked, the woman who answered the phone said: “Dr. Sadeghi is a true healer. He is my doctor.” This impressed me enough to make the first appointment. As an artist, I am not wealthy, and I didn’t think I could afford a doctor my insurance did not cover. In hindsight, I see that I couldn’t have afforded not to come to the Dr. Sadeghi’s first words to me were: “You aren’t going crazy.” When he began to examine me, I felt instantly better because I could tell that finally someone was going to pay attention to the health problems that had plagued me. I left the quiet, peaceful office full of hope. As I see it, a doctor is a highly skilled detective, and ideally, a patient should be an agent in his or her treatment. It was clear that Dr. Sadeghi wasn’t going to rest until I had some answers. Additionally, he was honest with me about the fact that there wasn’t a quick or easy fix to my health problems, but that we would work together toward optimal health. After countless doctors handing me pills that offered a quick fix but actually made me sicker, this was a relief. That honesty is what I value above all. I find that the more I know, the more willing I am to participate in my own treatment. The doctor has been there to answer my questions at all turns, even by phone and email, and I must admit that part of what has saved me is feeling that I no longer have to toss and turn worrying about what a certain symptom might mean. In this way, Dr. Sadeghi has treated both my mind and my body, and I would venture to say that my spirit has benefitted from his care as well. I have found that the word “integrative” means that the most advanced scientific tests available will be used to ascertain my condition, and so will the intuition of these doctors who are experienced healers. The approach to healing will range from homeopathy to amino acid therapy to herbal supplements to traditional western medicines. If you think your problems are too complex to be untangled, and especially if you have been told that it’s “all in your head,” you need a better detective. I have learned that each of us gets only one body in this lifetime, and that body has a complex narrative that we sometimes need help reading. As far as I am concerned, Dr. Sadeghi is an interpreter of the highest order, and is able to maintain both a local view, treating each problem as it arises, and a global view, never forgetting that I am a human being who has to live in the day-to-day. I don’t think he loses sight of the fact that his patients are people for whom he has taken an oath to do no harm. I find that the experience of neglect is one of the most harmful, and neglect is what I had experienced before coming to Dr. Sadeghi. The truth is, no one deserves to feel bad, especially if they are being an agent on their own behalf. Dr. Sadeghi will respond to the fact that you want to take care of yourself, and if you do find that your symptoms are partly related to concerns regarding depression and anxiety, he offers what I consider to be a cutting-edge, side-effect-free range of therapies to address those concerns. I feel that, unlike many doctors I have worked with, that he understands that he has a lot of power to change peoples lives and he uses it wisely and kindly.