I don’t know where to begin when it comes to reviewing Dr. Sadeghi’s work… A year ago, I was in a wheelchair and the doctors at the last two hospitals I’d been hospitalized in had questioned how much longer I had to live… I had been in and out of ERs and Hospitals for 8 months. My body was shutting down to the point where I was no longer able to walk. I was fainting several times a day and short of oddities on my blood work and neuro tests and “little things” that “wouldn’t be causing this” – I was discharged from the last hospital with well-wishes from the doctors and hopes that I would at least be able to be comfortable for the rest of my life, however long that was going to be. Dr. Sadeghi took more time and care than ANY of the doctors or nurses I had seen the 8 months prior. He did an eleven page blood panel which found the things the other doctors had overlooked – massive heavy metal poisoning, mono, and the degeneration that had occurred in my body due to overlooking those things. He didn’t treat the symptoms – he treated the causes, giving me IVs and supplements to help pull the metals out, boost my immune system and rebuild my strength until around 10 months later I was able to go swimming in a swimming pool for over an hour and later back to doing photo shoots on the beach. Its now a year since I first entered his office in a wheelchair. I am supposed to go ice skating with my Dad as part of my Holiday Vacation here before I drive back across the country to LA. The staff in his office have nothing but care for the patients. I have had the honor and privilege of being treated by or at least meeting I believe all of them. I had no reservations about saying that I would be dead if I had not found Dr. Sadeghi and the Be Hive of Healing Clinic. He gave me my life back – a gift there are no words and no price tag for.