Never have I felt so well cared for by a doctor. Dr. Sadeghi was able to diagnose what was at the root of problems I had been having for years.

Things for which other doctors never even thought to test. When I first saw him I felt so sick and didn’t understand why. I was doing everything right, it made no sense to me. I couldn’t even identify concrete symptoms. I just knew I wasn’t well, that something was wrong.

Through know what tests to administer and his unique way of reading blood work, he was able to determine that I had very high levels of heavy metals, Epstein Barr virus, a congested liver and, rheumatoid arthritis. The body wasn’t able to absorb any nutrients because it was so overloaded trying to handle the toxins. Dr. Sadeghi created a custom protocol for me and within a week I started to feel better. I am now free of symptoms and truly feel better than I can ever remember.

At the “heart” of his gift is his undivided attention. It’s so rare. Combined with a brilliant mind, experience and education that will make your head spin, as well as a keen intuition and a staff of angels, Habib Sadeghi and the Be Hive of Healing is the epitome of holistic medicine.