I am so blessed to have discovered Dr. Sadeghi and the Be Hive. What an extraordinary place of healing. A Center of Miracles! In light of supporting other people I am delighted to share my experience at this integrative medical center. My Gbyn informed me I had abnormal cells – HPV that were high risk for cervical cancer and that I needed a colposcopy. Although this is very common in many women I was more sensitive to this finding within me due to a family history of varies cancers and my dear loved ones dying from cancer. Additionally, to making sure I would be cancer free, I didn’t want to do anything that would decrease my fertility chances. Immediately I contacted Dr. Sadeghi’s office to seek out if there was a less invasive, still highly effective, alternative treatment. Dr. S gave me an all natural remedy and within 4 months it cleared all my abnormal cells. I went back for a follow up pap and my Gbyn said everything was normal and that I didn’t need to do the colposcopy. I feel blessed to have found a natural simple process that healed me in a safer way, eliminating risk. I am very Happy and Grateful to share with all the woman, ladies, feminine goddesses in need of a colposcopy that there is a gentle simple effective alternative to clearing abnormal cells. I highly recommend Dr. Sadeghi’s expertise on any medical situation no matter how big or small. Even a simple bladder infection which many woman get and use an antibiotic to get rid of, Dr. S has an natural remedy that I have used in the past that has cleared it without any side affects from pharmaceutical drugs. I share this personal info because I believe and trust in the life changing remedies that are available at Be Hive of healing. Doctor Sadeghi is one of the most loving, supportive, patient, compassionate, generous, wise, and gifted doctors I’ve met. He’s made a difference in my life and I trust his guidance wholeheartedly. He’s amazing!!!