In April 2011, I suddenly collapsed one day in my office. I just stood up from my chair, and then I hit the floor and when I woke up, I couldn't move.

I was rushed to the er, cat scanned and mri’ed and tested and no one knew why I had collapsed.

Fast forward 8 months and I had completely lost my ability to walk. I was fully wheelchair bound, passing out anywhere from 5-10 times a day, unable to work, unable to even sit up to eat.

I had seen countless nurses, chiropractors, doctors, emergency rooms, emts, paramedics, naturalists, even a doctor from china who specialized in medicinal teas.

I was diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia, but that was it. The rest was all confused stares and furrowed brows with no logical explanation for things clearly physically wrong with me.

My syncope had become what looked like seizure activity, my blood work was all over the place high and low, my emg was abnormal, my blood sugar dropped to 40 on a glucose tolerance test and the last hospital I was in called my parents to come get me to spend whatever time was left of my life.

After my father (who is a nurse) had to administer rescue breathing to me the first night he took me home, he reached out to everyone he knew looking for any one who might know what was wrong.

Dec 2011, I met Dr. Sadeghi for the first time.

He looked over my 8 months of blood tests and lab results and imaging, and started me immediately on a modified pk protocol, and several supplements. That day was the first time in over a month i was able to sit up without passing out.

He ran more tests and found i had m.e./c.f.s. (which i had never heard of, and now know it is a viral-caused disease that affects more people than m.s. and is one of the most under-diagnosed illnesses in the world). I had anemia and hypoglycemia, my adrenal glands and intestines had basically stopped functioning, and I had heavy metals in my brain tissue, to name a few things wrong with me.

I had never met a doctor who just went in and found out WHY everything was happening to me – WHY my blood tests were all over the place, WHY i was so weak and could barely move, etc.

Dr. S did that. But he also was then able to TREAT it. Not mask it or put me on medication to “fix” it – but to actually treat what was wrong so my body could heal and fix itself.

By Feb 2012 I was able to walk almost normally.

By April 2012 (a year after i had initially collapsed) I was able to do a hand stand again.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

I have no question that without Dr. S and the behive of healing team (especially jennifer! but also the nursing staff and the office staff at the time I first wheeled in almost 7 years ago) saved my life.

I would be dead if it wasn’t for them. <3 and I don't say that lightly. Living with m.e. has been a whole new life of challenges, but I HAVE a life. I have hope. And I have a team of people behind me who whenever I start to slip, they know EXACTLY what to do to keep me moving in the right direction, so I can live life to the fullest extent physically possible to me. And when I have a setback, or try to run after life faster than my body can tolerate, Dr. S is right there with the exact answer to facilitate my health, and help me pick up the pieces again. But even when I stumble, I never fall as far as I had fallen when I first came in, in Dec 2011. September 2018, and i am now back to work and happily married to the man of my dreams. And while I will never be able to work at the level of intensity I had before, I have been able to go back to work. Something that was deemed "impossible" before I met Dr. S. I am now a multi-award-winning film director with several films active in the festival circuit. i travel with my husband and work at places like sundance and mega con. I have been able to support my husband's music career, even gotten to go with him to the grammy awards where I walked beside him on the red carpet - something that was physically impossible in April 2011. None of this would be possible without the level of knowledge and care from Dr. S and the behive of healing staff <3 without their endless support, I would be dead. no question. and I can never thank them enough.