I met Dr. Habib Sadeghi shortly after I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had had a bi-lateral masectomy along with full reconstruction. I was beginning my chemo treatments when I had my first visit... and it was clear to me that this was going to be my primary physician for the rest of my life.

Dr. Sadeghi has an incredible range in regards to the human body, the way it works, the way dis-ease unfolds within it and of course how it heals. His deep knowledge includes classical treatments, alternative therapies and prevention. He is a true scientist and if you get the chance to spend anytime with him you will meet not only a highly educated doctor, but a person who wonders and explores new roads in medicine. These characteristics make him not only an excellent doctor, but a healer as well.

Now….it is one thing to be on the cutting edge in research. Another thing altogether to get results. I have seen Dr. Sadeghi do this again and again. He not only has healed me, he has worked on all my family members and countless friends. The physical results are always positive, but again the impact he has on them to grow emotionally always shines through.

Dr. Sadeghi seamlessly created a protocol for me that included the classical treatments for breast cancer and added support through alternative treatments. The combination helped create more energy and less side-effects in my physical life. I would venture to say the even more profound shift occurred on an emotional level…..my perspective on life and my relationship with myself grew exponentially. I began to reclaim parts of myself that I had abandoned along the way and began to integrate those parts back into myself in a healing and loving way. It’s been nine years and I see so much growth in myself, my relationship and the way I mother.

His message is one of constant love and support. He has gone above and beyond for me and my family. He once surprised me in the hospital with his entire staff, at a time where letting the loving in was so hard. Yet, that visit helped to chip that edge away, and continues to stay with me. A great reminder of the power of love, human spirit and healing.

My gratitude for Dr. S and his family runs very deep. I’ve had the privilege of working with a few of the best doctors in the world, as well as some of the most esteemed spiritual teachers. Dr. Sadeghi is both, a rare find and a treasured friend.