Dear Dr. Sadeghi, As I approach my second trimester of pregnancy, I needed to take a few moments to write to you the endless gratitude I have for you, Sri Madhuji and your incredibly loving and caring team at Be Hive of Healing. When I first came to you, I had exhausted all journeys to recovery from Western medicine, Eastern modalities, Yogic educations and spiritual searches. I was lost, scared and depleted. I remember sitting with you in your office the first day and within half an hour, I could see that you ‘saw’ me. And like renovating a worn old house, step-by-step you took away what wasn’t needed, and started to rebuild with the upmost integrity and materials. My time with Sri Madhuji was also one to be noted as extraordinary and his personal dedication to my well-being will always remain one of the most respected things I have experienced in my lifetime. Even close friends who now are in his care from my referral startle at his generosity. Thank you for putting us in front of him. With this said, I grin to myself thinking of the recent memory stepping into your office and being welcomed by the bright words and smiles of Siri, Amy, Lydia and the rest of the “family”. You all hold a special place in my heart forever and look forward to every step being in your care during this incredible process bringing my first child into this world. I wouldn’t want to be in anyone else’s care for what is the most magical time of my life. With Love and Gratitude,