After being critically ill for more than 30 years, I can say with absolutely certainty that the biggest thing binding the medical profession together is lack of heart. Well, most of the medical profession anyway. Dr. Sadeghi is not only a brilliant diagnostician who masterfully combines cutting edge modern medical techniques with old world, natural medicine from every corner of the globe, he also treats his patients with more love and respect than any doctor I’ve ever met.

In short, he still has a heart and isn’t afraid to use his heart to make his treatment of his patients beautifully personalized and tailored to the whole person. He knows he’s not just dealing with an injury or a disorder but with a person who is struggling. You’ll know you’re not fighting alone. I am privileged to say I’ve been a patient for more than a decade and under Dr. Sadeghi’s care, I know I’ll still be here for decades to come.