As I sit here in the middle of the night waiting for my brain to turn off, I find myself thinking about our conversation earlier. I’ve been friends with enough of my doctors over the years to know that there are times when you can feel like a medical vending machine. I don’t know if anyone else ever gives you a genuine thank you but I want to. You know I’ve been to more doctors over the years than I could possibly count. There have been lots of the ones that told me I was nutz because they couldn’t figure me out. There have been lots of the ones who decided they had me all figured out in the first four minutes when they didn’t even know my name. I truly hope you know how rare you are in your field….not just for your body of knowledge but for the kind of doctor you choose to be and the kind of medicine you choose to practice. Thank you for choosing not to follow those other paths…..for choosing not to be another dr ratchet. Thank you for seeing your patients as people and not as a number, a diagnosis, or a meal ticket. People tend to confide their stories in me and I don’t know how many times I’ve sat in your waiting room and listened to the past pain in your patient’s lives and the present relief at finding someone who cares enough to not only listen but also to strive for every bit of necessary healing. Thank you for still having a heart. Humbly grateful,