I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Dr. Sadeghi at Behive of Healing about 3 years ago. I was recovering from breast cancer and had also been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I had chosen to take the holistic road to healing but I needed more support. The first time I walked into his office was the most life changing event I have ever experienced. Not only did Dr Sadeghi and his amazing staff support me physically but also emotionally with a never ending supply of kindness and compassion. I had never encountered any doctor with so much love and care for his patients. His methods of diagnosis are rooted in the science of western medicine but his years of holistic and integrative practice as well as his personal experiences with health, wellness and his passion for deep healing make him the most kind compassionate doctor I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I can now say that I have been clear of cancer for almost 5 years and thru a progressive and thorough protocol, have eradicated any signs of lyme disease. He has also assisted me in working with hormone deficiencies, metal detoxification, sinus issues and general well-being. Thank You Dr Sadeghi and the beautiful staff at Be Hive of Healing.