I can guarantee you that you have never met a doctor that even comes close to this guy. Dr Habib Sadeghi in my experience is a profoundly empathetic, deeply caring and intelligent man of immense integrity: he is far more than a doctor he is a Physician of the Soul. Dr Sadeghi is able to lovingly articulate and effectively address the underlying core issues and emotions that lead to pain and suffering: his ability to assist one in exploring the often unconscious behaviors that contribute to the manifestation of dis-ease is uncanny. In the year and a half I have been working diligently with Dr Sadeghi I have seen break throughs in every area of my life. Before I came to see him I was pretty burnt out emotionally and energetically although on the outside you wouldn’t have known it. I worked out daily, drank organic green juice, took high quality supplements and consumed a really clean mostly plant based organic foods. I was physically engaging my health by working diligently on the outside yet on the inside I still felt out of balance and I wasn’t content. What I didn’t realize was that on the inside my lack of self trust, self love and self acceptance was beginning to fester and it was wreaking havoc mostly within my own psyche but spilling over into my relationship with my husband and effecting my ability to take care of what I would consider my most important priorities: being able to creatively and verbally express myself without feeling shame or fear; relating honestly with my loved ones and others; and making a meaningful contribution in the world. Dr Sadeghi Quickly started to work with my physical symptoms but then very swiftly and lovingly began work on the psyco-Spiritual level: I read a wonderful book, did daily writing exercises and explored with him at length the mind-body-consciousness and health connection. By combining different healing modalities and herbal tinctures I began to relax and find balance within my physical body. By eliminating all of the excessive supplements I was taking and all of the foods my body was allergic to I began to feel a big shift in my mood and even quite dramatic changes in my physical appearance as the internal inflammation began to subside. Through intravenous chelation I have also released the excessive levels of heavy metals that were once stored in my body. Overall I feel really happy much lighter physically and emotionally, and I have opened my heart to even deeper levels of loving. One of the greatest gifts I have received through working with Dr Sadeghi has been recognizing that I do indeed have all of the inner resources necessary to transform my health and my life: and the greatest medicine I could ever apply to any situation where illness, imbalance, or upset seem to be present is my own Loving. I feel extremely grateful and very fortunate to be able to afford this level of health care. Sadeghi’s time and work is very valuable and so his services are very pricey.. Every time I go into the office and receive my bill I remind myself that I am in excellent hands and that I am investing in and learning skills that will support me for the rest of my life: I am also supporting a team of visionaries who are on the forefront of radically transforming the health of our planet. You are well worth the investment and the wait (he has a 6-month + wait list) If you are seeking radiant health and wellbeing then Be Hive of Healing is the place for you. I would highly recommend Dr Habib Sadeghi to anyone seriously interested in health and healing.