We began working with Dr. Sadeghi as a homeopathic physician many years ago when Linda was dealing with some unexplainable medical issues. What began as an alternative search for healing has literally become a most valued member of our family.

The medical issue was quickly resolved with his diligence and now seems almost inconsequential to all the other elements he has added to our lives.

Dr. Sadeghi is one of the most intelligent, insightful, compassionate, spiritually uplifting, loving men we have ever met. He has had a profound effect on not only Kurt and I but also every member of our family, not only with our physical health but our spiritual health as well. Throughout our years together his medical and spiritual guidance has helped our family overcome personal tragedy, while his love and unyielding support, has been both a source of strength and calm.

Dr. Sadeghi’s belief in a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit, along with the interconnection of all living things around us helps us to understand our importance as well as our relative insignificance. Through his concepts of health and well-being we have learned how much external issue can impact our overall health and well-being and our regular conversations illuminate the stresses and solutions needed to stay healthy, joyful and deeply satisfied in our daily lives.

From our very first appointment, where he conducted a comprehensive medical evaluation along with an in-depth conversation on our mental well-being, family, work and stresses in our lives, it became clear that all we experience in our daily lives has an impact on our bodies and that it’s difficult to truly heal without linking the body, mind and spirit. We’ve explored some deeply philosophical issues that needed clarity and refinement in our lives and throughout our exploration he has touched on so many concepts that feed our souls. Searching for a higher level and better quality in our lives has given us a much better understanding of emotions and broadened our ability to heal and love ourselves.

He has shown us that you can choose to be angry about what comes your way or you can practice kindness and forgiveness in order to grow and shed past burdens and fears so your children no longer have to continue those cycles of pain. And this concept has been instrumental in our own families growth. Dr. Sadeghi also shares his own personal sufferings and family tragedies as an educational source for motivation, forgiveness, perseverance, resiliency, kindness and love.

As if all of those elements were not enough we also enjoy our regular visits to his clinic for his personal therapeutic IV’s which are beyond healing and energizing, lymphatic massage, acupuncture treatments and his nutritional program which has helped us both lose weight and eat healthier.

It is our extreme honor and privilege to share our healing journey about Dr. Sadeghi and with light and love we hope you can have the same joyful experiences we have shared with him.