Dearest Dr Sadeghi, Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! I cant believe Im getting married in just a few months! WOW! I wanted you to know how instrumental you are in my life and I know for sure I wouldnt be getting married if you hadnt come into my life! You have been an integral part of my healing- giving me the love and tools to believe Im worthy of love, let alone a marriage. I still struggle with self-love but I work on it everyday! And everyday it gets easier and easier. I know Im blessed and have the spirit with me, and it feels really good when I own that power of love! THANK YOU for loving me when I couldnt love myself! Im so blessed to have you in my life Dr Sadeghi! I know you have an very busy schedule- healing the world 🙂 but wanted to share an invitation to your and your wife. In LOVE and GRATITUDE,