I’ve come to believe that finding Dr. Sadeghi is truly a gift from God to my family and myself. I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in March of 2011. As you can imagine, I was very scared and apprehensive about what to do. My initial Meeting with Dr Sadeghi was over 2 hours. Not only did he dive head first into my medical history, but also into my family history. I soon discovered that not only did I need to heal physically, but emotionally as well. Given that, the treatment we pursued was not just medical, but also dealt with the emotional issues that needed healing. In my experience, he was the first doctor to look at me from that kind of holistic perspective. I can honestly say that 3 months into that treatment I had never felt better in my life. Dr. Sadeghi has an amazing office staff that always greats you warmly when you walk in. The medical staff knows you personally, and I have come to feel like part of the family there. Dr. Sadeghi really cares about his patients on a personal level, and I really believe that his mission is to bring healing and wellness to has much of the world has he can. As evidence of this, I would point you to his monthly newsletter, which anyone can and should subscribe to. His stories and antidotes always contain lessons for daily living that can and do lead to a healthy, happy and productive lifestyle. Just call his office and ask to have the newsletter emailed to you. It’s well worth the 10 minute investment it takes to read it. The bottom line is this: If you’re looking for a doctor that will be responsive to your needs, take of you when your sick, and then guide you to greater levels of heath when you’re well, then this is the doctor for you. I give him my absolute highest recommendation, as I know that I would not be here today without him.