Both my husband and I work with Dr. Sadeghi on our healing. I have spent most of my adult life not feeling quite right, but did not know why. I have always seen western doctors that medicate or operate instead of getting to the root of what is going on in my system. After being diagnosed with an illness that was devastating to me, I knew in my heart that there must be something else lying underneath the symptoms. When I came to Dr. Sadeghi, he assessed my situation with care and feeling and with an intuition that I have never witnessed before. I am still amazed at what the test results have uncovered, and at the levels of toxicity that have been held in my body for more than 20 years. By following Dr. Sadeghi’s plan for regaining my health, I feel much better now, and I know that I will continue to improve. As for my husband, he nearly had surgery that could have harmed him for the rest of his life. As an alternative to surgery, I brought him to Dr. Sadeghi. His progress has been absolutely amazing. He feels better, his skin looks great and his physical symptoms are disappearing – all by changing his diet and continuing on the path of healing that Dr. Sadeghi has recommended for him. It has not been easy to change life long habits, but with Dr. Sadeghi’s passion for healing, his knowledge and his methods, the transition has been easier. I would recommend Dr. Sadeghi to anyone, and have!