I was referred to Dr. Sadeghi at the Be hive of Healing Center by a dear friend of mine, Alicia Larry form Essential Blu. (She is an amazing colon hydro-therapist by the way. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend her.) I saw myself judging the Be Hive of Healing Center right off the bat when I found out that the first step before setting an appointment was to fill out these long questionnaire forms prior to meeting with him. I was a bit frustrated by this process because I thought that they might not get a full understanding of what I was going through with all the boxes I had checked. I continued to think that maybe they’ll think I’m some hypochondriac and not take me seriously. Lets just say, that changed rather quickly. Right away, the generous staff of the Be Hive of Healing Center followed up with me soon thereafter to set my first appointment to get some blood work done. Now I have never known this to be the “traditional” way of doing things, especially coming from the South where the words “holistic and healing” are not really circulating. Nevertheless, it sounded like it made sense. And I now realize, that it is the MOST necessary and efficient way to better assessing anyone’s health prior to visiting a new doctor. Really quick I want to share a little back history in regards to my relationships with doctors for most of my life. Nearly all of the visits since I could remember have been lickety-split. A little back and forth banter and asking me what I am allergic to (like I am supposed to know! And don’t allergies change over the years?) Instantly followed by the doctor speculating what the problem might be and then giving me some sort of “diagnosis”. Awesome—No, not really. So how many of you can say you’ve been to a doctor and felt so completely overwhelmed and/or intimidated, that you have little to no time at all to explain the true nature of what’s been going on with your health? That by the time your “15 minutes” is up, you’ve realized (while replaying the entire visit in your mind on your way over to the pharmacy), that you have failed to mention one or two really important details regarding the reasons for your visit in the first place? Or perhaps you just walked out of the doctors office and you are paying at the front desk and suddenly thought, “Oh I need to ask the Doctor one more thing.” And their response is, “I’m sorry the Doctor has already gone in to see his next patient.” So we then just brush it off and say, “Oh well, next time.” Then we find ourselves completely defeated and end up settling for that pocketful of RX meds as we went on our merry way……only to find yourself back in the same boat a couple months later. Well kids, that’s the story of my life! Now having this engrained in my being since I was a young toddler, I’m sure you can imagine the anxiety of me seeing any new doctor! Now going back to my first visit with Dr. Sadeghi. On my way there, I was naturally a bit anxious. But for some strange reason I was washed over with a sense of -peace and calm- at the same time. I knew that part of this was coming from the fact that he had a comprehensive look at my blood work prior to me even coming in. As I walk into the center, I am greeted by the staff “Hello Megan!” right away. I thought, “WOW, how cool they know my name!” From that moment forward, I felt so completely safe & I decided right then to lower my guard. I knew I could trust that I was exactly where I needed to be. So I head in to meet the Doc. He not only was able to dissect and pin-point exactly what my problems and specific ailments were (thyroid problem, anemia, skin disorders, back problems, asthma, loads of metals in my body, etc..) & man did it seem like a lot, but he was able to thread it all the way back to the root causes of what happened to me in my life that caused all of these issues in the first place. He has this uncanny ability to tap into the source of it ALL. What a relief it was to hear for the first time ever, that every single thing in my body has the POSSIBILITY to be cured if I truly wanted it to be. All I had to do was be willing to see it from a different perspective and trust that there IS in fact a better way to live. Right away Dr. Sadeghi, also known to many as the “Soul Doctor”, put me on a regimen that had me started down the path of the best version of myself. And these “labels or diseases”, that I had allowed to define me once upon a time, no longer holds any gravity over me. My treatment has included: weekly Iv’s to build & strengthen my immune system, in-house herbal supplements, lymphatic work, & guided meditations. My results have been astounding. I can assure you that It has been worth every penny. & Everyone is treated like family. Dr. Sadeghi changed my life & outlook on the health industry forever. I now feel a bigger sense of love, compassion and hope for the world in regards to dis-eases and any form of suffering. NOW THAT’S LOVE. We are that powerful