Thank you for this opportunity to express how grateful I am that you “appeared” in my life at a time when I so desperately was looking for high vibrational guidance. The first time we spoke, I will never forget what he said. Enthusiastic words, filled with love, "I am so proud of you," Habib exclaimed "You have a beautiful story and it needs to be told."

For all those who know him, some of the most amazing qualities about him is his zest for life and his overwhelming desire to be of service spreading love- his energy permeated the space between us, over the phone and I believed him.

And he came into my life at a most perfect moment. I was at a crossroads in my career. I felt totally lost as to my next move. I had published my first book a little over a year prior, The Magical Guide to Bliss, a guide about following a life you really want, but found myself in a job as a federal immigration prosecutor under the current administration that could not be further from my dream job. As he would tell you “ask, believe, receive,” and in the midst of my internal chaos. I did. I asked God to help me, guide me and show me the way. Two days later, in response to an email I sent to his Love Button Global Movement, Habib appeared. After hitting a wall where I was, after speaking for over one hour, Habib said he believed in me, how can I serve you and hope reappeared. From that time, I have made decisions that align with my spirit and have set out on a new career path inspired and renewed through our interactions.

Working with Habib is a gift to me. I have known him for over a year and a half now. He has been both a generous mentor and a friend. He has challenged me to think differently and taught me that we are never alone on this beautiful spiritual journey; he reaffirmed my belief in people; and he clarified that to heal it is all about self love and love of others.

He lives his words as a doctor, a healer and a citizen of the world, “Risk being alive and of service—wholeheartedly.” Just read The Clarity Cleanse and begin this journey.

From our first meeting in Malibu, to the healing circle in Parkland, to establishing TAFI, helping me with healing both internal and external wounds and supporting me as I walked El Camino passing out his Love Buttons, how blessed I am to know him. I, too, am inspired to risk being alive and of service. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Like a dandelion, the seeds of love he has planted in my life have spread and will continue to do so.