In Gratitude
Right now I am shifting my frequency to meet the person that I am becoming as I shed the old layers and emerge into my Self. I feel where the old me is feeling more and more like a residue, whereas before it felt like all there was. I am shifting my frequency to meet Dr. Sadeghi, for he has shown me who I am and who I can become as I peel away the layers of myself that are no longer applicable to who I am today. The image I have of myself when I first came to Dr. Sadeghi was that of a homeless beggar with rags and dirt, carrying my sick infant in for a healing. We were both half alive and dry, as if no food or water, as if we were coming in from a dry, dry desert asking to be resurrected from an anorexia of sorts. I was bringing my infant in for care, unaware of myself as the creator of the dry landscape that we were living in. All I knew was that my baby was sick and so I laid him at Dr. Sadeghi’s feet for healing. It was at this first session that Dr. Sadeghi so lovingly brought to my attention that my baby was sick as a result of my sickness, and that the dry earth cracking inside of me was hurting not only me but also my two beloved boys and my sweet husband. Like some great hand reaching down from the sky, Dr. Sadeghi scooped us up in it and said we would find safety if I could just trust and follow his directions. He said that we would not only survive, but that we would thrive if I could just do the work to transform myself under his guidance. I walked away from that first session feeling dazed and confused, for I had walked in not knowing that I was a beggar, not to mention that I had a dry desert inside of me. Over the next several months through iPS sessions, I brought my sickness to Dr Sadeghi over and over again, like some Ebola patient expelling what was in the way of my LOVING. Dr. Sadeghi, using his own healing journey as the fuel for mine, kept going in like a surgeon, excising the lesions that were festering inside of me from an accumulation of lifetimes of scaffolding that had been inherited from a family lineage of excess and ignorance. With each session guided by the laser of his vision, Dr. Sadeghi methodically dismantled that scaffolding of rigidity into a more supple and flexible me. With a heart of light and gold he has been embracing me with his warmth and love, and belief in my healing. I can feel him sending me waves of encouragement for all of the things that I need to do to transform myself, and I can hear his voice gently guiding me to let go and let God in my deepest moments of resistance. I can feel myself learning to attune to his frequency to let go of the old and embrace the new. I am following his directions and they are working. He knows exactly what I need and when I need it. I can feel where he is giving me so much raw energy that it has been hard for me to hold at times and calls me to my next level of receptivity. When I come to Dr. Sadeghi’s office the energy is so powerful that I can feel myself reverberating with the invitation to let go of control to deeper and deeper levels, and all I can do is coach myself to not resist and to surrender to the energy that is moving through him and to trust in him and trust in myself that I can do it. One time he brought me to his office and I wore a blindfold through a journey. I could feel myself at my edge of what I could surrender to and Dr. Sadeghi kept inviting me ever so lovingly and gently with his voice and field of transformation into feeling myself more and more and letting go into ease until I felt comfortable and safe. I am continuing to learn how to deepen into letting go into the vast energy that he is giving me like a never ending milky way of light pouring from the heavens, and I am learning to open like an ocean to receive it. I can feel myself every time I am with him pushing my edges to open even more. I am going to places inside of myself that I never would have been able to go without his gentle but powerful hurricane of pressure. By LOVING me into wholeness I was able to get the courage to actually peek my neck out of the small fearful hole that I had been living in and try something new that was so contrary to my way of life. Like a Great Father feeling his child about to fall off a cliff he would pull me back to safety by showing me where I was not performing and what I needed to do to course correct. Then, when I was filled with so much self-loathing at discovering what was under the scab that had just been ripped off, he would bring me back ever so gently by encouraging me, loving me, and telling me what I was doing well. And in-between appointments Dr. Sadeghi would send me one-line texts that would expose all of the tendons and ligaments of where I hadn’t been doing the work or had been too blind or unwilling to see. With one written verse, he would get me out of my mind and into the doing so that I would get back on track again. Dr Sadeghi performed an intervention for a disease that I had that could have been more deadly than cancer. Like a great seeing eye, Dr. Sadeghi healed me with love, bathed me with love, infused me with love so that I could actually feel the feeling of love enough to have a sip of what I had been missing in order to find my way into generating that for myself and my family. And now I am giving that love to my family and myself and I am beginning to see them grow, shine and flourish. They are feeling good about themselves from the inside out as I am feeling better about myself. Where I am being kind with me and holding the little girl within, I am being kind with them and holding their heart within mine. I am seeing their confidence grow and I am getting the radiant-diamond-family-of-light that I always wanted but never knew how to create. I am BECOMING. They are BECOMING. And as a wife and mother I am now holding the space for my beautiful family to thrive. I am holding fertile soil, green grass, vines, fruits, luscious roses, beautiful trees and vibrant waterfalls. I am holding a landscape inside of me that is ripe and forgiving, that is yielding and growing. A landscape that has room for errors and an atmosphere saturated with Love. Before Dr. Sadeghi I was in the beginning stages of a family falling apart. After working with Dr. Sadhegi I now have a family that is growing together. There will be no depression for my children or my husband, no mental illness for any of us, only the vibrant, radiant health that comes with personal growth, self awareness, the ability to take input and have blind spots revealed, and the ability to bathe in the fluid of LOVE. Dr. Sadeghi has changed the direction of not only my life but also the life of my sons and all of their descendants to come. This is how peace on the earth is created. Just like this. THANK YOU DR. SADEGHI!!! Now, only four months later I am sitting here as a Queen who has inherited the Kingdom of gold and riches that I have found inside myself as you have taken the time to work with me, stripping away the veils of illusions, helping me to become free of who I thought I was and helping to transform me into my potential. You are healing me, and through me are healing my family. My husband is becoming King. What you have done for me and my family will go on into perpetuity, never to be forgotten, always to be remembered. THANK YOU DR. SADEGHI… I finally feel like a mom! I am embracing my family! I am enjoying my children more than ever! I am learning to play! I am loving having sex with my husband – we are in sync! My children can’t get enough of me - they slobber all over me with their wet kisses! I am watching my family grow and flourish under the umbrella of my love! I am feeling my confidence as a wife and mother grow! My children are healthy, strong and living a vibrant family life! I am becoming self aware of my blind spots and am taking the action steps to course correct! I am letting go of my past. I am letting go of my mother. I am healing the shameful moments of my past and where I made myself wrong and bad for them. I am learning to embrace my little girl inside and love her and hold her in my moments of fear. I am learning to believe in myself and let go of control. I am learning to love the maleness of my husband and the man that he is! I am embracing his manhood as opposed to suppressing and rejecting it! I am beginning to embrace the curves of my body and think I look beautiful. I am beginning to see and connect with the power coming through my shining eyes. I am beginning to rest in my husband’s heart, hands and arms. I am beginning to understand that I matter. I am becoming an example of the change I want to see. THANK YOU DR. SADEGHI!!! With eternal gratitude and love, Meredith