The Be Hive of Healing is a one-stop shop for total wellness. Specifically, what makes this place truly unique is Dr. Sadeghi and his amazing staff. They are some of the most compassionate and caring people I’ve ever met. Unlike your traditional doctors which are primarily trained in Western medicine, Dr. Sadeghi not only has this knowledge but also a plethora of other healing modalities in his “black bag” in which to treat his patients. Some of these other modalities include Acupuncture, Anthroposophcal medicine (combination of Western medicine, homeopathy and naturopathy), Apitherapy (medical use of honey bee products), Ayurvedic medicine (evolved in India, is entirely holistic and strives to create harmony between the body, mind and spirit) and Tibetan medicine (incorporates special approaches for diagnosis and utilizes behavior and dietary modification, medicines comprised of herbs and minerals, and physical therapies). I have personally been a patient of Dr. Sadeghi for a year and a half. I had previously been to see many doctors (specialists of the retina) to help reduce the occurrence of a chronic eye disorder referred to as Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR). Not one of the doctors I’d visited previously suggested that I provide blood labs to evaluate my blood to identify the “root” cause of the problem. They only suggested a few dietary modifications and to reduce my stress. The occurrences of the CSR continued for many years and was very depressing for me as it affected my central vision and caused severe headaches. I was initially referred to Dr. Sadeghi by a friend of mine who mentioned to me the extraordinary results he had achieved by working with him using Apitherapy. He had previously been to see several western medical doctors without any positive results. Within 6 months his problem had completely been resolved. Based on this and being that my problems with CSR just kept reoccurring, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Sadeghi. The first thing Dr. Sadeghi did was to run an extensive blood panel and then review it with me during my first visit. What was truly amazing is that he could clearly see (and explain to me in terms I could understand) what was most likely the “root” cause of my CSR condition. Based on the lab results, he also ran a heavy metals test and started me on a supplement and dietary regimen to address the problems with my blood. The heavy metals test results indicated that I had very high levels of lead, mercury and tin. In conjunction with the supplements I was now taking, Dr. Sadeghi started me on a series of chelation IV’s to remove the heavy metals from my body. By the next visit (4 months later), my blood results were improved and I was well on the way to healing. It has now been over 15 months since my last CSR episode and I couldn’t be more pleased with the truly amazing healing results and I feel great! If you retain only one piece of information from reading my review, I want you to know that Dr. Sadeghi (and The Be Hive of Healing staff) is “the real deal”. Personally, I would recommend anybody see him who is struggling with an ailment, has previously seen doctors and is not getting the results they would have expected and/or is just concerned about their overall health and would like to be associated with one of the greatest healing institutes in the world.