Dear Dr. Sadeghi, You are on my mind often and I feel too much time has passed where I keep thinking to write you and show gratitude for entering my life when you did. I tell my story often and impart advice you have given me. I saw something recently about how Nexium is damaging. Reminded me of my journey and how I was lead to you and what a hard time it was for me. I still hit bumps and bruises in the way of life and healing but I suppose it's all a journey. Sometimes I fall off the wagon in the way of remembering how to serve myself better but I try to get back on as soon as I see what I am doing; it usually comes in the form of sickness of sorts. I live in UAE now and have a small company we teach media training (acting, public speaking etc...) and a casting agency. Ironically I draw a lot off of your knowledge in my work and thankfully my path led me to you. I hope you are well and inshallah our paths will cross again. Sincerely,