I truly feel blessed to know Dr. Sadeghi. I was very confused and desperate for finding an answer to my health matter by the time I found Dr. Sadeghi. Dr. Sadeghi’s approach to evaluate my situation and find the cause of my sickness and the ultimate cure was beyond my dream.

If it was not because of him I would have gone through at least one surgery and after that perhaps many other complications which comes as aftermath of it. Dr. Sadeghi’s knowledge to see me through my lab works before my first visit with him after about six months was a new chapter to my life. I know him not only as a extraordinary doctor but as loving human being who cares to heal his own kind and passes on his compassion to us to be our own healers as much as we possible can by being aware of what is passing through us day by day. He healed me as a doctor and during healing process he taught me and helped me to connect to myself to be able take care of myself better by more awareness to myself, to my nutrition and to people who surround me. I wish I had better writing skills to describe how my life changed from being sick to being healthy and better in many ways. Dr. Sadeghi is my doctor, my mentor, my guardian angel from above. God bless you Dr. Sadeghi. My gratitude and my family blessing will be always with you.