Our daughter was paralyzed from a spinal cord stroke at the age of five. We were told there was no hope of recovery, but we refused to believe such a dire diagnosis. Through rigorous physical therapy, supplements, and dietary changes, we were able to eliminate all her medications and started to see small “inch-stones” of recovery. Believing that we needed to give her body a chance to heal itself, we began looking for a doctor who could guide us on that path. Within a few months of being under Dr. Sadeghi’s care, we began to see drastic changes in her digestion, which had been severely compromised by her injury.

Not only has Dr. Sadeghi helped her as a doctor, but he contacts us regularly with words of compassion and love, showing he is committed to her and our family as a whole. I always tell people that Dr. Sadeghi has changed our lives, and he truly has. Thank you, Dr. Sadeghi, for believing in recovery, love, and hope. We look forward to all the continued progress she will make under your care!

Love, Nicholas, Kylee, Isabella, and Eden