Strength & Empowerment

I have been a patient at BeHive of Healing for about three and a half years now during which my life has changed and opened up in so many wonderful ways, for which I'm enormously grateful to Dr. Sadeghi and his fantastic staff. I first came to see Dr. Sadeghi upon referral by a friend because of some equilibrium issues I had been suffering from for about 7 years before that point. I had already pretty much turned away from Western medicine but had reached a plateau with the practitioners I had been seeing and was vaguely dissatisfied. In any event, I was fairly sure that I was otherwise reasonably healthy but that did not turn out to be the case - I was completely floored from the moment of my initial meeting with the doctor who meticulously went over my blood work with me in a way I had never before experienced, and I realized fairly quickly that this incredible man was reading me like an open book - no stone unturned, nowhere to hide.

Dr. Sadeghi reassured me many times that I was safe and I absolutely knew that I was. I also felt such a fascinating sense of warmth, compassion, strength and empowerment from him that I was immediately inspired to get started on the program he had outlined for me, despite the amount of work and effort I knew it was going to take. That program essentially consisted of IV’s to rebalance my entire system and then detox me from scary-high heavy metal levels in my organs, lymphatic massages, supplements, changes in my diet, incorporating journaling into my daily practice (something I had been wanting to do for years), etc. It took about a year, but I am now thrilled with the results – being in a state of radiant health! During the process I knew without question that Dr. Sadeghi and his staff were there to support me every step of the way and that of course remains the case. This was acutely augmented for me as well when my son became ill after I had been treating there for about six months – Dr. Sadeghi helped my son so much as well and was an enormous source of solace and strength for me and my family.

I simply cannot say enough wonderful things. I know that I have truly finally found my home base medically and in many other ways, and the level of relationship that I didn’t even know I was looking for but now would not accept going without.