I came to Dr Sadeghi at the end of my rope. For four years I had been dealing with extreme fatigue, loss of appetite coupled with weight gain and just overall malaise. I was pretty confident my adrenal glands were underperforming but the herbalists, homeopaths and Western doctors I had been going to were either completely ineffectual or suggesting methods I did not want to follow. Dr. Sadeghi was the first person who listened to me and did not disregard my feelings about what was wrong. He did all of the diagnostic tests and confirmed that my adrenals were near total fatigue and immediately put me on an aggressive and complete plan to restore my health. The urgency of my situation was that I was a competitive kickboxer and I was going to France in September of 2006 to compete in my last World Cup competition and needed to be at the top of my game. Dr. Sadeghi got me there in six months! At my tournament, I had four fights in one day, ended up in the finals and won the Silver Medal, and there is NO WAY I physically could have handled that if I had not come to see Dr. Sadeghi. I tell everyone I know about Dr. Sadeghi – he is an amazing person!