It is difficult to know where to begin to express my immense gratitude to Dr. Habib Sadeghi. I guess at the beginning of my first meeting with Dr. Sadeghi is the best place to start.

When I came to the beautiful office of Dr. Sadeghi in Agoura Hills, I was immediately soothed by the tranquility and love that radiated all around me.

I was completely impressed by the beauty and messages of hope, love, healing and peace in every direction I turned. Upon meeting Dr. Sadeghi it felt as if I had finally arrived after years of searching for medical answers. Each experience prior to Dr. Sadeghi left me feeling hopeless, frustrated and sad as a direct result of a lack of understanding, lack of information, lack of knowledge and particularly by being pegged as a woman in a way that would not even be considered with a man. Immediately,while seeing the kind, loving, gentle and caring face I felt an enormous sense of peace and relief. I knew a great mind and heart was present.

My most prominent condition resulted from systemic Lupus. At the time of that first meeting, I was extremely weak, underweight, suffering with a host of symptoms including chronic tachycardia, digestive disorders and the results of PTSD. Sitting with Dr. Sadeghi as I gave my history, it was the first time in my entire 59 years that anyone listened to me in such a caring and completely involved manner. I felt I could finally take a deep breath and due to the complete trust I felt in his presence I was able to share a highly traumatic event for the first time. Dr. Sadeghi went on a path of discovery with me that included not only my health history but my life, emotions, thoughts and concerns. It was the first time I had the experience of being with a doctor that offered me all the time I needed and even when I felt I couldn’t take up any more time in my own mind with other patients scheduled, he made sure all my questions were answered. Following our meeting, Dr. Sadeghi gave me a treatment that was all encompassing and healing. I went home feeling I was on a cloud that lasted for three days. My husband waiting for me in the lounge area stated he noticed an immediate difference as I walked out the door and was amazed. I described my incredible experience and said to him, “I feel as if I met someone that resembles in spirit, heart and mind a great religious deity on earth.” Until today, I do not understand how it is humanly possible for one individual to offer such a tremendous abundance of healing energy, love, compassion, generosity, empathy, knowledge and kindness.

Dr. Sadeghi assured me that he would help me to resolve my health issues. It started with lab work that was so completely inclusive it blew me away. At our second meeting, Dr. Sadeghi informed me he had reviewed every single test prior to the appointment. I have never had that experience. In my experience with other doctors it has always been that the tests are looked at during the appointment leaving very little time with a doctor to discuss symptoms or treatment. Dr. Sadeghi took all the time needed to review each test, drawing diagrams and explaining in great detail my medical history he discovered, what it all meant and treatment going forward. The knowledge given by Dr. Sadeghi left me feeling so empowered. It was absolutely wonderful and I realized then it was exactly what I needed.

While on my healing journey I continued with appointments, treatments, acupuncture and healing sessions. I was FINALLY beginning to feel relief from symptoms, a sense of clarity and hope for a better future. The emotional and mental relief I felt was enormous and my life began to be lived again. It was not an easy journey with being so debilitated and took conviction along with determination to heal just as Dr. Sadeghi had advised at our first meeting. I know it was important to do my part but I know with every cell in my being, none of it would ever have occurred without the great healer Dr. Sadeghi. I gained weight, energy levels improved, am able to participate in activities that were restricted for years, more fully enjoy the moments with my precious daughter when she visits from college, actually have good days again instead of struggling each day and begin to feel comfortable in my body that previously was in in great discomfort.

What Dr. Sadeghi has meant to me, my family, my spirit and my heart is truly indescribable. I can never in any earthly manner manage to show the immense gratitude I feel. The healing packages and communications I am so extremely fortunate to receive through the years are deeply treasured and priceless. There is no one on this earth that can compare. My journey to healing continues with the absolute most incredible doctor/partner I could only imagine at one point in time. I went through a lot of suffering however after meeting Dr. Sadeghi a great healing light entered my soul. I have been truly blessed and am eternally grateful. God bless Dr. Sadeghi and his beloved Dr. Sherry Sami for they are healing the world with LOVE.