I am minutes or a few days away from giving birth to my first daughter. Very frequently, I think of my dear Dr. Habib Sadeghi feeling deep gratitude and luck for being his patient and part of his Behive family. I think of him as a rainforest. I think he gives such a needed great balance to the world in such a positive loving way. The reason why I’ve been thinking about him so much is because I am sure that he has helped me gain my life back in terms of a hormonal imbalance (plus hereditary issues, heavy metals, etc) that started showing up a few years back, and the way all of that affected my personal life.

I know he prepared my body in the best possible way for getting pregnant and this 9 months, I’ve had a smooth and beautiful pregnancy experiencing the excitement of my little girl growing inside of me.

I know God has blessed me greatly, but in this world, I know Dr.S has been so so important in me being able to conceive our first baby so easily feeling strong and healthy all this time.

Also, he has been very supportive in making my marriage grow and the connection my husband and I have, and always look forward on having in the future. I wish there was a way to really transmit how much I value him and how he did change my life sublty but tremendously.  From the bottom of my heart, I love you very, very much!