Dr. Sadeghi has been my doctor for over 8 years overseeing my healthcare. The staff at Be Hive of Healing have handled my healthcare with love. The nurses have treated me with kindness and love. Dr. Sadeghi’s method of healthcare is very effective in healing.

The vitamin IVs I receive during the flu season keep me well. And during my travels at Christmas holidays to New York City these IVs have allowed me to enjoy my time doing all the enjoyable activities with my family in the extreme cold weather. His method is a simple approach but very effective.

I recently had to have oral bone grafting surgery. I was given heavy antibiotics during the healing by one of the oral surgeons. On the first day taking these antibiotics I developed severe diarrhea. I did not think that I could continue on the antibiotics for the next 8 days because I was so weak from the diarrhea. I spoke with Dr. Sadeghi who recommended to drink bone broth throughout the day. I immediately started to do this and by the end of that same day all the diarrhea was gone. I was able to continue on the antibiotics for the next 8 days with no diarrhea symptoms.

I recently had a vitamin IV at Be Hive of Healing. This was because I noticed some swelling going on in the area where I had the surgery. I suspected it might be an infection going on in that area. Two days after the IV I noticed the swelling was going down and it continues to go down. For me this is far more effective and safer for my body.

These are just a couple of examples of Dr. Sadeghi’s simple but effective approach to healthcare. Whenever I go to the Be Hive of Healing I know I am in the best hands.