Hi, My wife and I live in Medina, Ohio 44256. We are near Cleveland, Ohio (zip code 44017.) I am hoping there might be doctors in our area who practice like Dr. Sadeghi that you could recommend. Also – my wife is an RN at the main campus of the Cleveland Clinic and works with very seriously ill patients. She is doing all she can to bring the teachings of Dr. Sadeghi meaningfully to her patients. It is her heartfelt goal to bring Dr. Sadeghi to the Cleveland Clinic to share his thoughts as the Cleveland Clinic is now headed in a much more integrative/wellness direction and Dr. Sedeghi’s message could positively change the lives of thousands of the Cleveland Clinic’s patients. There is no doubt that even though we are in Northern Ohio and not in the physical presence of Dr. Sadeghi, that through his book Within and his newsletters, we are permanently and beneficially changed. With much love and gratitude,