Mine is a testimonial of both being lost and being found. Lost, insecure, surrounded by self-doubt and engrained in generations of unserving patterns, I found Madhu. I found him in a place which was my bottom- my lowest point. Having been broken up with recently, and with painful remnants still surviving from my divorce.

“Building glass castles on quicksand” was my first key diagnosis– one which quickly began a year plus journey of strength, foundational restructuring from within, newfound integrity, self-love and self-worth. Tools which I simply wasn’t taught as a girl but have now learned as a woman.

From an amazing mother who did her best with what she herself wasn’t taught and a father who was a steadfast provider of all things functional, but none of what I found in and from Madhu and Dr. Sadeghi.

The beauty in my continued journey is so diverse, but what shines brightest is gratitude; gratitude for Finding the best version of myself for the first time and the excitement for the very best of my life ahead awaiting me.