Prolotherapy…what can I say? After two and a half years of rest and therapy on my left wrist, along with several cortisone injections, the pain was still there on a daily basis. Feeling like I’ve exhausted all my options and beginning to accept chronic pain in my wrist, a friend told me about Prolotherapy and Dr. Sadeghi. Naturally, I had never heard of this form of treatment, but felt it was worth a shot to try something new. After only a few months and a couple Prolotherapy sessions, I am very pleased to say that my wrist feels a million times better than it ever felt in the past few years. I am back playing sports, that up until Prolotherapy, only dreamed of participating in again. The care and concern, along with the attention to detail that Dr. Sadeghi has given to me has been incredible and very rewarding. I would highly recommend this simple procedure to anyone!